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memlinkact.gif (4302 bytes) creates a biographical portrait of a loved one
which can be viewed and reproduced by anyone in the world for generations to come.
With our unique and exclusive service, one can present:
  • photos of a loved one
  • meaningful artwork
  • family crests
  • literature, eulogy, books, poems, lyrics, stories, newspaper articles
  • philosophies as well as accomplishments
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  • links from one memorial page to another (family members-family tree)
  • language translation (translate memorials into five languages)
  • invitation e-mail's sent to a predetermined list selected by you
    (inviting them to visit your loved ones site)
  • sympathy flower service (allows friends and family to send flowers)
  • family condolence service (allows visitors to send regards to the family)
  • private page option
    (not accessible without a password that you can give to friends and family)

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