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Casket Orders-

1.) How to Order a Casket from Funeral Counseling.
2.) Will a funeral home charge a handling fee or any extra charge for purchasing a casket from another source?
3.) What is the difference between 18 Gauge and 20 Gauge Caskets?
4.) What is the difference between Gasketed and Non-Gasketed?
5.) Purpose of a Vault
6.) Which Caskets include Next-Day Delivery
7.) When do I need to order by for Next Day Delivery?
8.) The Federal Trade Commission's Consumer Guide for Funeral Planning could also be helpful.
9.) For all other Questions please email us or call us at 1-888-222-5955.


Funeral Counseling Services-

Please call with specific questions you may have 1-888-222-5955.
You may also review our Price Comparison Page and Family Representative Services.

1.) To order a casket from Funeral Counseling find the particular casket that you would like to order from our online display gallery and click on Buy Now below the individual casket photo. Then follow the corresponding directions for payment information and funeral home delivery information. You may also place orders over the phone by calling our toll free number 1-888-222-5955 any time 24hrs / 7 days a week.

2.) No handling fee will be charged. It is illegal for a funeral home to charge a handling fee for purchasing a casket elsewhere since the passing of the FTC's Funeral Rule.

3.) 18 gauge steel is a slightly thicker grade steel than 20 gauge steel.

4.) Gasketed caskets, also called a "sealed" or "sealer" casket have a thick rubber gasket surrounding the entire lid. This creates a sealed enclosure similar to a refrigerator or car door rubber. Non-Gasketed caskets do not have a sealed enclosure, instead are closed and are latched without the use of a gasket, making it easier for outside elements to penetrate the interior of the casket.

5.) A vault is used to prevent the ground from caving in over a casket due to the eventual sinking of a grave. Vaults are not required by law, however, most cemeteries require a vault to keep the ground level. Basic vaults are made of concrete where as more elaborate models are made of precious metals such as bronze.

6.) The Aurora Brand Caskets include next-day delivery to any funeral home nationwide within 30 miles of the local warehouse. If a casket needs to be delivered over 30 miles from the warehouse it is coming out of, a remote delivery cost of $95 per hour will be applied. Taxes on the Aurora Caskets will be assessed based upon the average sales tax for the state a casket is delivered. The Respectful Casket Brand, currently shipped out of New York City, do not include delivery. Please inquire to find the exact delivery costs for the Respectful Brand of Caskets.

7.) Casket orders placed before noon eastern standard time will be delivered the following day before 5pm. If a casket needs to be delivered quicker than this a nominal rush delivery fee will apply, please call to inquire on your specific case 1-888-222-5955, also see our Sales & Delivery Policy.


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